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Covid-19 Measures



Welcome to NG Phaselis Bay!

At NG Phaselis Bay, we take measures at international standards to protect the health of our guests. You can read more about our hygiene practices at

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). From that time, measures and precautions have been implemented worldwide.

Our Group Hotels strictly comply with these measures and precautions, as well as with directives and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture of Turkey and WHO.

We kindly request that you act in accordance with the information provided in this guide during your stay in our hotel. These measures have been put in place to protect your health, and the health of all our guests and employees.



We take certain precautions in the rooms to ensure that these living spaces are safe for you and your loved ones, and offer the same comfort and hygiene that you experience in your home.

Within the scope of these measures:

  • Your room has been cleaned with disinfecting products. Following these procedures, your room is delivered to you as “first occupant”.
  • The floor service team have received special trainings on hygiene measures. They use mask, gloves, and aprons while cleaning and disinfecting your room. All rooms are cleaned with disposable color-coded cloths – different colours for different areas in the rooms.
  • All textiles in the rooms are washed at appropriate temperatures and offered for your service.
  • The cleaning and disinfectant chemicals, used in appropriate amounts in cleaning the rooms, are approved by T.C. Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Health. All rooms are ventilated at the end of the procedure.
  • Products such as the soaps, shampoo and shower gel available in your room are disposable and are not used by any other guest.
  • The room service team disinfects their hands and take all personal protective measures (masks, gloves, shoe covers, bonnets).
  • Before you arrive in the room, the room is disinfected via ULV and ozone devices, and the filters of ventilation systems are cleaned and changed. 
  • We strictly monitor the cleaning of closed-circuit ventilation systems, adjustments of air quality and air conditioning and filter changes for all general use areas.
  • If you do not wish to have the cleaning team enter your room for daily room cleaning or mini-bar supplies, please advise the reception desk.
  • Sanitation sets / hand disinfectant are added to personal amenity sets available to you.




  • The cleaning of all areas is performed within appropriate intervals with disinfecting materials that conform to the standards, depending on the nature of the surface.
  • All common use areas, including the restaurants, meeting hall, lobby, reception lounge, entertainment and animation area, bars and sales units, and the sun beds around the pool and on the shore have been arranged in accordance with social distancing guidelines. The necessary measures and markings for social distancing are in place. Guests in excess of the capacity as required by the plan will not be admitted to such areas.
  • The distance between each table is 2 meters in units where food and beverage service are offered.
  • Hand disinfectants or antiseptics in sufficient quantity are available at all entrances and common use areas.
  • To ensure safe use fitness centre the number of the individuals permitted in the centre simultaneously is arranged in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Following its use, the areas and the equipment therein are cleaned using hygiene materials conforming to the standards.
  • Beach and pool towels are washed at appropriate temperatures and are offered to guests by the staff in charge.
  • The pools are routinely inspected by our internal audit teams, the relevant government agencies and accredited private companies. Our pools are registered with the Ministry of Health system; general hygiene conditions, analysis reports and all other control records are followed up by the Provincial Health Directorate.
  • We recommend that you care for your personal hygiene and review the pool rules before using the pool.
  • In SPA areas, guests are offered disposable soap, shampoo, bath gloves and slippers, as well as disinfected peshtamals and towels.
  • All sports equipment and machinery in the gym are arranged at appropriate distances and disinfected after each use.  In this area, specially disinfected mini towels are offered for guest use.
  • After each time of use, the fitness and SPA areas undergo a cleaning, disinfecting and ventilating process.
  • To ensure your safety: Taking into account the maximum usage capacity set in our Entertainment and Activity Areas, maintaining social distance and taking the protective measures recommended by our staff is sufficient. Our staff in charge will inform you with regards to activity programs.
  • The necessary measures in the Mini Club are provided in accordance with guidelines issued by the relevant official bodies and health authorities. To ensure the safety and comfort of you and your children, as well as our employees, we carefully follow guidelines set by the ministries and healthcare organizations.


We ensure the health and safety of our teammates as vigilantly as we ensure the health and safety of our esteemed guests.


  • Health screenings for all our employees are carried out and followed up periodically.
  • If a risk is detected, the employee is directed to a health institution and monitored until risk-free.
  • Social distance measures are applied for all employees in all work areas (staff dining hall, bus, changing room etc.) and disinfection is provided at regular periods.
  • All our employees have received and will continue to receive trainings, especially basic hygiene and training, in line with our conscious and expert team understanding.
  • Our employees use protective gear such as masks, gloves, or face visors, according to your required services.
  • Hygiene standards and practices in all our personnel areas are carried out meticulously and in the same manner as in general usage areas.
  • Hygiene barriers, sterilization equipment, and equipment required for hand and body hygiene are kept in food production and kitchen areas.
  • The cleaning and hygiene of all kitchen-related areas, equipment used in the kitchen, and counter tops and storage areas is regularly checked and provided.


  • You can obtain protective materials such as disinfectants, masks and gloves free of charge at any time from the reception desk, housekeeping and room service, for the purpose of using such materials as required for COVID-19 measures.   
  • In addition to speaking and touching, the COVID-19 virus can be spread through droplets from the nose, mouth, eyes, etc., which hang in the air for a certain period of time and live on the surface of contact. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you wash your hands frequently with plenty of water and soap. If you are not near a lavatory, hand sanitizer devices are available in our service units.
  • Throughout the property you will see markings and guidelines to maintain social distancing. Please abide by these guidelines.
  • Please maintain the distance of 2 meters between tables.
  • Use masks and gloves if necessary; we recommend avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and following the “maximum capacity for use” referrals set out in the hotel sections.
  • We ask that you follow all written or visual warnings and take into account the referrals of officers in order to make your accommodation safer.
  • In case of any COVID-19 symptoms or positive tests inside or outside the hotel, please contact the Hotel at 0242 824 07 07.
  • We remind you again that you may have legal obligations if you fail to report such findings, information or symptoms to Hotel management and/or if you fail to comply with precautions regarding all infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us protect your health and the health of our other guests and employees.

These measures may change in accordance with instructions and directives issued by national and international official organizations or other developments related to the process.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the practices, measures and rules introduced in this context constitute force majeure. Therefore, some services and areas offered by the Hotel within the concept may be limited or closed during your stay. Some services may not be available, in part or in full, and/or may be offered within special limitations. Your stay may be terminated at any time due to force majeure causes and/or non-compliance with the rules specified here. We wish to inform you that the Hotel bears no responsibility in such cases.  

You can follow all changes and updates on our website.

NG Phaselis Bay Management