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Covid-19 Measures


Our Dear Guests;

Quality management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 10002) that NG Hotels has been maintaining for years will be adapted to the system with the opening of our facility. Our practices regarding Covid-19 and Pandemics are planned to be as follows.

Health Services Provided at the Facility

Health services are provided to the facility, and the fever of the guests is monitored by non-contact thermometers at the entrance of the hotel starting from the check-in process. The healthcare crew of the facility intervenes in accordance with the official legislation determined by the Ministry of Health to the guests who show Covid-19 symptoms such as high fever, shortness of breath and cough. Mask, visor and protective equipment are provided to individual or individuals who have symptoms. Authorized health institutions are informed. A Pandemic Board has been established in all facilities,chaired by the general manager. The Board is composed of an operations manager, nurse, OHS expert, workplace doctor, quality manager, hygiene officers and department managers.

The Board monitors all legal updates regarding the pandemic process and ensures that the implementations in the facility are updated as well.


Social Distance Practices in the Facility

In all facilities, in line with social distance rules, markings have been made relevant to social distance at the lobby, foyer, restaurant, reception desk, pool area, sitting and resting areas around the pool. Social distance arrangements have also been made in guest transfer vehicles, personnel services and company vehicles.

The capacities of the elevators were determined and the warning images were placed in the relevant areas. They have been arranged so that elevators can be used by 4 individuals from the same family and maximum 2 guests who do not know each other.


Sanitation Practices in the Facility

Covid-19 virus is similar to the flu virus in terms of clinical findings and has spreading characteristics and there is no vaccine or specific anti-viral drug yet. The most effective method to prevent the spread of the virus is to provide cleaning-disinfection, especially hand hygiene, to prevent contact and maintain social distance. In NG Phaselis Bay, guest rooms, restaurants, bars, SPA areas, common spaces, meeting rooms and all other guest areas as well as food production areas, personnel usage areas, offices and warehouses are disinfected in detail. Materials such as tables and chairs used in social areas are disinfected after each use. Cleaning, hygiene and disinfection of hotels are provided in line with the cleaning and hygiene plans prepared according to Covid -19 and possible pandemics. Surfaces that guests and staff contact with are frequently cleaned by using disinfectants and cleaning chemicals.

Hygiene is provided in the facility by cleaning and disinfection with Johnson Diversey Cleaning Chemicals.

Hand disinfectants are available in every area where needed.


Health and Hygiene Measures for Pools

Cleaning and disinfection of pools is performed with chlorine.

Legionella control, chemical and microbiological quality in pool waters are monitored by monthly analysis.

Cleaning and disinfection processes are controlled and recorded at frequent intervals.


Health and Hygiene Measures Applied in Rooms

The floor personnel in charge of room cleaning work using masks and gloves. They change their gloves after every room cleaning. After all surfaces are cleaned, important points (door handles, air conditioning buttons, deposit box buttons, lampshade buttons, telephone, remote control, bathroom metal fixtures, hair dryer handles and WC seats) are disinfected frequently.


All guest amenities are presented for the use of quests are disinfected, they are preserved safely and placed in the rooms.

After the cleaning process is completed, the rooms are ventilated for at least 1 hour.

The frequency of bed cleaning has been increased.

The number of disposable amenities in the rooms was increased.

When the cleaning and disinfection processes are completed, the rooms are sealed for the guests to be the first to open.


Ambient Air Conditioning Maintenance and Hygiene

Current periodic and legionella maintenance is carried out and ventilation filters are changed regularly.


Health and Hygiene Measures Taken in SPA Areas

Utmost attention is paid to cleaning and disinfection in the bath and massage areas.

Personnel performing cleaning and disinfection operations use personal protective equipment.

Reservation system is applied in sauna, steam bath areas. The usage time of these areas is limited as  30 minutes, cleaning and disinfection process is realized before the use of the  next guest and new guests are welcomed after 15 minutes.

 All equipment in fitness area will be redesigned in accordance with the social distance requirements, will be disinfected after each use and made available to guests.

Facility Limitations

Capacity limitations have been made to ensure social distance in restaurants that are commonly used for eating and drinking. Markings are made with contact-preventing distances to ensure contact-preventing hygiene and health.


Health and Hygiene Measures Taken at the Front Desk

During the reservation process, an information notice is sent to the guests about the facility's activities to prevent Covid-19 and other possible pandemics. Guests will also be informed during the registration process. According to "Circular on HES Code Requirement for Accommodation Facilities" issued by Ministry of Interior, during the reservation phase and acceptance to the facility, HES code search is made for all guests resident in Turkey. The HES code can be taken from mobile application  "Hayat Eve Sığar" or by typing HES and leaving a space between them, respectively, TR. identification number and last four digits of identification serial number, sharing time (in days) and sending a text message to 2023. In case the sharing period is not specified, the duration of the code is limited to 1 year. Following HES code query, guests who do not have Covid-19 risk will be welcomed to the facility, guests who are found to be risky / contacted will not be able to enter the hotel and Information will be given to Alo 184 Ministry of Health Communication Center line.

It is mandatory to have a HES code to be checked during check-in procedures for the Hotel. Communication with guests in the facility is executed in line with social distance rules. In this direction, social distance lines were established with a distance of 1.5 meters in front of the reception desk. Protective equipment is used considering the health of both our guests and employees. To minimize the contact during the reservation, a kit containing the Registration Card, pen, 2 blank door cards, card sleeve, info sheet and Covid-19 Brochure will be provided. Transactions relevant to departure from the hotel are performed with similar sensitivity. Cleaning and disinfection of POS machines are carried out at frequent intervals. Luggage and other items will be safely brought into guest rooms by employees who have provided personal protective equipment. Valet service will not be provided during the pandemic.


Waste Management

Wastes are separated and disposed in line with Environmental Management System. In this context, attention is paid to the issue of Covid-19 hygiene waste disposal.


Training Activities

All personnel are provided with training in line with the criteria published by the Ministry of Health and legal legislation regarding disease symptoms, ways of protection, and what to do in suspicious and emergency situations regarding Corona virus and other possible pandemics.

All brochures and information are placed in the facility in a way that employees can easily access. All relevant materials are shared with the staff online and in the form of announcements. Awareness of personnel on leaving their habits such as handshaking, hugging, etc. was raised, they have been trained that the most important condition to prevent contact is to maintain social distance, to use protective equipment and to ensure cleaning and disinfection, especially hand hygiene.


Guest Information Service

The measures taken by the facility regarding the Covid-19 pandemic will be given to the guests in the form of a brochure after the guest acceptance procedures when they enter the facility and this information will be supported by digital documents.


Food Safety

As NG Phaselis Bay, it we planned to apply for ISO 22000 Food Safety Certificate as soon as the facility begins to serve. All products and services are planned to be produced and presented in accordance with HACCP (food safety) provisions. The process from field to fork is monitored, it is planned to conduct microbiological analyzes, to inspect food production areas by food engineers and to produce by trained personnel at relevant points.

All fruits and vegetables will be disinfected through chlorination method. To verify the cleaning and disinfection processes, swap and media samples will be taken from many areas of use and will be analyzed by the accredited laboratory with which the facility has signed contract. Microbiological analysis of every food produced will be performed on a monthly basis in accredited laboratories. In addition, samples will be taken from hand, surface and food samples every month by food engineers and analyzed.

Kitchen staff will use masks and gloves, and food production areas will be constantly monitored by cameras.


Measures Taken in Food and Beverage Areas

Menu options have been composed in restaurants. The menus ordered by guests wish will be served by the waiters.

Breakfast will be served in open buffet or a la carte style at the hotels.

Cooks will serve in the open buffet and self-service will not be applied.

In food and beverage areas, staff will use protective equipment.

Tablecloths and cloth napkins will not be  on the tables, and disposable paper napkins, salt, pepper, etc products will be used during service. All equipment used at the time of service such as forks, spoons, glasses, plates are washed in high temperature machines after each use and 100% hygiene is provided.

Self-service tea and coffee machines in restaurants have been removed and drinks will be served by waiters.


Measures Taken in Entertainment Areas

Toys that are difficult to clean (plush toys, ball pools, etc.) will not be present in playgrounds and children's areas.

Hand disinfectant is available in Mini Club areas where children cannot reach.

Small guests' temperature is measured at the entrances of the Mini Club. 

Capacities in activity areas are determined according to the social distance rule. Mini Club toys and dry paints are approved by the Ministry of Health and are disinfected after each use. Mini Club employees consist of personnel who have received hygiene training and are experts in their fields.


Isolation Practices

In case guests are diagnosed with Covid-19 during the accommodation period in the facility and relevant health institution decides  that hospitalization is not necessary,  the guest and family members or the individuals staying at the same room with such guest will stay in "guest isolation rooms" at the facility. Isolation Staff provides food and beverage service and room cleaning services to guests staying in guest isolation rooms without the guests leaving their rooms.


Health Measures Taken For Employees

Fever of the personnel is measured at the entrance and exit of the facility and their health status is closely monitored. Personnel with the symptoms of fever, flu, cough, etc will be directed to health institutions.

Staff pays attention to hand hygiene.

Awareness of personnel on leaving their habits such as handshaking, hugging, etc. was raised. All personnel are obliged to wear masks, and they use other personal protective equipment if considered necessary.

Tables in the personnel areas are designed in accordance with the social distance rule. Awareness-raising trainings were given to the personnel by the occupational health and safety expert and the workplace doctor, and the trainings will be continued with periodical intervals.


Purchasing and Storage Activities

All products and services are purchased from reliable suppliers, and suppliers are constantly inspected and controlled by food engineers and quality managers. Unexpected visits are periodically made to suppliers by food engineers. The products coming from the suppliers enter the facility after the control processes, the products of which microbiological analysis are presented are accepted, taken and stored in a hygienic environment.

All suppliers are required to wear masks.

Covid-19 Test and Sampling Procedures

Guests whose residence addresses are abroad will not  have Covid-19 test samples taken in the facility, and  such tests are performed by designated health institutions, test fee is 250 TL. Sampling procedures are carried out in line with the information provided in the rooms. Guests who tested positive after sampling are obliged to inform NG Phaselis Bay management about the test result. Information of guests with a positive test result is reported to Provincial Health Directorates and Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorates. Guests who tested positive for Covid-19 will stay in "guest isolation rooms".