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    Discover the beauty of NG Phaselis Bay

    NG Phaselis Bay is the new destination for a privileged holiday in Kemer, Antalya where you are always special.

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      Enjoy the Taste of Life

      Dining at NG Phaselis Bay reaches new levels, with restaurants serving distinctive dishes and exciting new flavours from all over the world.

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      Beluga Bay


      NG Phaselis Bay Beach


      Adult Pool


      Bays, Pools and the Beach

      Whether you enjoy a quiet drink while sitting poolside or a thrilling ride at the aquapark, NG Phaselis Bay caters to every preference, featuring sparkling pools in different sizes and concepts, exceptional bays and a magnificent beach.

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      Add Unique Tastes To Your Life

      NG Phaselis Bay will become the modern traveller’s quintessential destination with menus signed by Chef Rafet Ince! You can experience a unique taste throughout your holiday with the perfect tastes of Fine Dining restaurants. Get ready to enjoy the special flavours of award-winning chefs at any time of the day!

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      Beluga Kids Club - Kids are so lucky!

      NG Phaselis Bay presents colourful surprises for its most precious little guests. Children will enjoy a memorable holiday that they’ll want to repeat, with numerous learning and entertaining activities supervised by professional teams.

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      Indulge Yourself with

      NG Phaselis Bay This Summer!

      NG Phaselis Bay will continue to spoil you with experiences full of happiness and fun in the summer of 2024.

      News and Campaigns

      • Lazarey 30 July

        Sergey Lazarev, the star of Russian pop music, will be at NG Phaselis Bay on July 30!

        Following the unforgettable concerts in May, NG Phaselis Bay continues to provide its guests with a unique musical experience. Sergey Lazarev, one of Russia's most well-known pop musicians, will return to meet NG Phaselis Bay guests on July 30th, following his captivating performance on May 4th.

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        The unique travel experiences offered by NG Phaselis Bay have expanded!

        NG Phaselis Bay is beginning a new era in the international arena with the growth of our one-of-a-kind travel experiences. By creating new possibilities through exciting new innovations, NG Phaselis Bay now enhances guests’ international travel experiences.

      • Mayfest 2024

        NG Phaselis Bay hosts a music-filled entertainment in May!

        May, a month of vacation and entertainment, will feature exciting concerts at NG Phaselis Bay. Alexey Chumakov and Sergey Lazarev, well-known names in Russian pop music, will shine on the NG Phaselis Bay stage with spectacular performances reserved exclusively for guests.

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