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    Planting Event with NG Phaselis Bay

    NG Phaselis Bay, known for green design that respects nature, continues its support for ecological projects. NG Phaselis Bay employees came together on November 11, for National Afforestation Day the local children at the annual planting event.

    • ETS Odul Gecesiv

      NG Phaselis Bay Met with ETS Business Partners at the 2022 See, Feel, Love Awards

      NG Phaselis Bay continues to value business relationships essential to its success. NG Phaselis Bay met with ETS business partners at the See, Feel, Love event on November 3-6, 2022. A successful season was celebrated with the guests enjoying the award ceremony where Emir Ersoy took the stage.

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        See, Feel, Love Awards 2022 Found Their Winners

        Valued business partners of NG Phaselis Bay, were rewarded at the second annual SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards. The SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards hosted 270 of the most successful sub-agents in the CIS markets at this year’s 2022 award ceremony.

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          Four Awards for NG Hotels Luxury Comfort Experience

          NG Hotels Recognized At The World Luxury Awards 2022 The World Luxury Awards 2022 have been announced. The World Luxury Awards, which recognize the world’s most luxurious hotels, crowned NG Hotels yet again, with honours accorded to NG Sapanca, NG Enjoy, NG Afyon and NG Phaselis Bay.

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            Prepare yourself for a warm winter holiday with the privileges of NG Phaselis Bay.

            After these winter refreshing nature activities where you will find everything to relax and explore, you can relax at Aliva SPA and crown your holiday with A la carte options.

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              NG Phaselis Bay Prepares for Summer with brandnew Innovations!

              Are you ready to experience a wonderful summer with NG Phaselis Bay Lifestyle Resort, which welcomes you into an exclusive world? This summer, you'll be welcomed by new generation restaurant designs, a coastal area inspired by nature's energy, and living spaces that combine comfort and style. We look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable holiday experience full of surprises."

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                Two famous names in the new NG Phaselis Bay commercial

                NG Phaselis Bay is now ready for 2022 summer season Under the slogan “See, Feel, Love”, NG Phaselis Bay started its preparations for the 2022 summer season. An exciting new commercial starring Eva Murati, the Albanian actress and voice of the UEFA Champions League, and Kevin Lütolf, a famous Swiss model, showcases the privileges of NG Phaselis Bay.

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                  Focus on the pleasure of a fast and easy journey with the comfort of NG Phaselis Bay.

                  NG Phaselis Bay offers the convenience of free CIP Meet & Assist ( Fast Track ) * (fast passport baggage pass) and the comfort of the CIP Lounge* on return flights at Antalya Airport's international terminals. 

                  • Acenteler Card

                    NG Phaselis Bay hosts its highest selling agencies

                    NG Phaselis Bay, the newest member of the NG Hotels chain, celebrated a successful season with the business partners who add value to NG Phaselis Bay. In recognition of their significant sales contributions, NG Phaselis Bay hosted 200 of its most successful sub-agents in the CIS markets at the SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards ceremony, held for the first time this year.

                    • NG Phaselis Bay Etsyi Agirladi Card

                      NG Phaselis Bay hosted ETS with NG Weekend

                      NG Phaselis Bay, which has quickly become one of the best holiday experiences in Antalya with its slogan “See, Feel, Love”, continues to host its business partners who add value to its success. Welcoming ETS business partners at NG Weekend on October 29-31, NG Phaselis Bay gave ETS employees three unforgettable days. Many surprises took place in the three-day event, including the Republic Day concert on the night of October 29 where Işın Karaca took the stage.

                      • Afyon Termal Web Card

                        The perfect combination of health and nature

                        Indulge yourself on holiday with a relaxing and balancing immersion in thermal waters at NG Afyon Hotel Thermal Combi. Thermal waters can be beneficial for physical health, as well as mental relaxation. Enjoy a dip at NG Afyon, and rejuvenate at NG Phaselis Bay, set amid the unique nature of the Mediterranean – a holiday concept where health and nature are in perfect harmony!

                        • Kids Winter Fest Web Tr Card

                          For kids, always unlimited fun

                          Featuring a variety of adventures and programs, the Beluga Kids Club Winter Festival offers children memorable moments and lots of fun! Kids can enjoy outdoor activities amid the beautiful natural landscapes of NG Phaselis Bay, as well as entertainment and game programs tailored to their needs. Fun for everyone in the family!

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                            Enchanting Aliva SPA

                            Slow down time with health and beauty rituals at the enchanting ALIVA SPA. Revitalize your mind, body and spirit this winter with our holistic wellness concept. Discover the healing power of SPA treatments, relaxing massages and facial care routines at ALIVA SPA as you experience rejuvenation in the most serene environment.

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                              NG Phaselis Bay embraces nature with its design

                              NG Phaselis Bay, which displays a unique harmony with nature and its location in untouched greenery, embraces nature with its unique design that respects nature. It offers an approach that preserves the balance of nature with its architecture and peaceful atmosphere designed with every detail in mind in order to protect the natural vegetation.

                              • Agac Card

                                The Olive Tree – The Historical King of the NG Phaselis Bay Garden

                                Homer rested under the shade of an olive tree and heard the whisper of an ancient voice in his ear: “I belong to everyone and I belong to no one. I was here before you and I will be here after you.”

                                • Polina Web Card

                                  Polina Gagarina Concert

                                  Polina Gagarina, on August 2 will perform at NG Phaselis Bay stage!

                                  • Karim Rasit Card

                                    The launch of the Scallop collection designed for Kütahya Porcelaın by the world-famous designer Karim Rashid took place at NG Phaselis Bay.

                                    Adding value to the world table culture with its products, Kütahya Porselen has prepared the Skallop collection by signing a creative collaboration with Karim Rashid, one of the names who shape the design world.

                                    • Blue Flag Logo Card

                                      NG Phaselis Bay Granted The Blue Flag Award

                                      NG Phaselis Bay was recognized with the coveted Blue Flag award for its beaches, under the scope of the Blue Flag Program carried out in coordination with TÜRÇEV. Serving at international standards, NG Phaselis Bay is notable for its prized location in Turkey, overlooking some of the Mediterranean’s most secluded bays.

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                                        NG Phaselis in the Press

                                        Please click here for news about NG Phaselis Bay in the international and national media.

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                                          Enjoy a unique holiday experience with special Jet comfort!

                                          Discover the joy of living fully – in moments when you wish time could stop – at NG Phaselis Bay. Let this joy begin with the journey: a transfer from the airport of your choice via a VIP jet.

                                          • Balayi Oda Card

                                            NG Phaselis Bay turns honeymoon holiday in a fairy story.

                                            NG Phaselis Bay, one of Antalya's most ambitious new hotels, offers an unforgettable holiday experience to honeymooners with its architecture, dreamy coves, windows opening to the landscape where green meets blue, and personalized services.

                                            • Cesme Detail Card

                                              An Ancient Tale of Phaselis in the Gülsüm Hanım Fountain

                                              According to legend, the people of Phaselis sought help from the goddess Artemis, who ruled the rivers, to end a drought in the region. Thereupon, Artemis directed the salty waters of the Aegean Sea, transforming them into fresh water for her rivers, and providing the people of Phaselis with rich water resources.

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                                                NG Phaselis Bay has received "Safe Vacation" Certificate

                                                Based on the results of inspections conducted by the world-renowned organization for the control and certification of Bureau Veritas, NG Phaselis Bay was awarded the "Safe Tourism" certificate due to its hygiene policy and privileged services.

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                                                  NG Phaselis Bay Kemer opens in Göynük

                                                  The First NG Hotels Resort NG Phaselis Bay Kemer opens in Göynük NG Phaselis Bay, the first resort hotel in the NG Hotels chain, will begin welcoming guests in April in its Kemer, Antalya location.

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                                                    NG Phaselis Bay Opens in April 2021

                                                    In April 2021, NG Phaselis Bay welcomes the modern traveller to the quintessential destination.

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                                                      Advertising Film


                                                      • Ng Phaselis Bay Balayi Card

                                                        Honeymoon Concept

                                                        Get ready to make your most special moments unforgettable with the special honeymoon concept ...

                                                        • NG Phaselis Bay Cabana Card

                                                          NG Phaselis Bay Cabana

                                                          With the Cabana Concept, you will perfect your holiday and find all the details in a privileged holiday service designed for you.