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The unique travel experiences offered by NG Phaselis Bay have expanded!

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    NG Phaselis Bay is beginning a new era in the international arena with the growth of our one-of-a-kind travel experiences. By creating new possibilities through exciting new innovations, NG Phaselis Bay now enhances guests’ international travel experiences.

    A new benefit for NG Phaselis Bay guests is access to our CIP Lounge, which is now available at every airport in Russia. Guests on direct flights from Russia to Antalya will be able to take advantage of the upgraded amenities in the lounges, which will elevate the travel experience.

    When it comes to making guests feel extra special, NG Phaselis Bay is always seeking new ways to surpass expectations. In line with our spirit of hospitality guests will be welcomed with delicious snacks and beverages in the CIP Lounges, which offer the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing guests with innovative and memorable experiences, NG Phaselis Bay has taken another step towards expanding our facilities to better accommodate guests’ travel needs.

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