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With the convenience of NG Phaselis Bay, you can travel quickly and comfortably!

Meet& Assist (Fast Track +Cip Lounge)

NG Phaselis Bay enhances your journey with its quick and comfortable travel experience. Fast Track service at Antalya International Terminals allows you to be greeted by a hostess without having to wait in line, complete special boarding procedures, pass through security checks accompanied by a hostess and enjoy refreshments, various hot and cold drinks, TV, internet, daily newspapers-magazines and flight information monitors in the special CIP Lounge.

NG Phaselis Bay offers its guests with the convenience of free CIP Meet & Assist* (fast passport baggage pass) and the comfort of CIP Lounge* on direct international return flights at Antalya Airport's international terminals.

The company offers a unique Lounge** service at Antalya Airport Domestic Terminal for domestic return flights. 

*CIP Meet & Assist and CIP Lounge services are available year-round for guests in all room categories, only for passengers flying with contracted airlines on direct international return flights. 

** Guests departing from Antalya Airport Domestic Terminal can enjoy Lounge service.

  • CIP Lounge AYT 1
  • CIP Lounge AYT 2
  • CIP Lounge AYT 4
  • CIP Lounge AYT 5
  • CIP Lounge AYT 3
  • CIP Lounge AYT 8
  • CIP Lounge AYT 7
  • CIP Lounge AYT 6
    Enjoy limitless comfort with NG Phaselis Bay's CIP Terminal service.

    NG Phaselis Bay welcomes you at the aircraft gate with the CIP Terminal service, making your travel experience stylish, prioritised, and comfortable. At the CIP Terminal, where every detail has been considered to ensure your comfort, you will enjoy the airport experience while leaving the stress of travel behind.

    NG Phaselis Bay welcomes NG King Villa guests on their arrival and departure flights with the modern, comfortable, and privileged world of CIP Terminal*** service.

    ***The free CIP Terminal service is only available to guests staying in the villas on arrival and departure flights. Arrivals and departures within the accommodation range incur a fee.

    • CIP Terminal
    • CIP Terminal3
    • CIP Terminal2
      Your journey becomes more enjoyable with VIP Transfer Service.

      NG Phaselis Bay offers a VIP transfer service with luxury and privileges for its guests to travel between the airport and the hotel airport in private chauffeured and comfortable vehicles. You can save time by using VIP transfer service for a comfortable, quick, and easy journey.

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        Helicopter Transfers

        Helicopter transfer offers our guests fast and comfortable transportation while also providing an unforgettable journey with breathtaking views. This journey filled with spectacular sea views will heighten your holiday excitement even more.

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          A New Level of Luxury and Comfort

          Our private jet transfer service provides our guests with a quick, comfortable, and exclusive mode of transportation that is meticulously planned to meet their specific needs. NG Phaselis Bay, in collaboration with prestigious airline companies, ensures that our guests can easily reach the hotel by private jet from any location of their choosing. Our guests enjoy every moment of their journey thanks to spacious seats that have been carefully designed for maximum comfort, menus tailored to preferences, and personalised service.

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            Let NGuide make your holiday memorable...

            Professional and first-rate guest services will make you feel special from the moment you enter the hotel. From greeting and check-in to ensuring your daily comfort, NGuide provides unforgettable hospitality experiences to ensure a stress-free stay.

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              Experience CIP Lounge Service at all Russian airports!

              These lounges, which provide a distinct benefit to travelers flying direct to Antalya, will transform your vacation experience. Experience an amazing voyage surrounded by delectable food and drinks in these establishments that offer the ideal balance of elegance and comfort.

              This service applies solely to reservations made through the Call Centre or

              • Russian Lounge1
              • Russian Lounge2
              • Russian Lounge3
              • Russian Lounge4
              • Russian Lounge5
                Enhance your NG Phaselis Bay experience with NG Family Card Privilege.

                During your stay at NG Phaselis Bay, you can take advantage of numerous privileged services and discounts through the NG Family Card Programme. Prepare to benefit from discounted prices in the CIP Lounge at Antalya Airport, CIP terminal and reservations, paid a la carte restaurants, in-hotel shops, SPA, and more, particularly helicopter rental and transfer opportunities!

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