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Sustainable Tourism Certificate Achieved for Environmentally Friendly NG Phaselis Bay

  • Surdurulebilirlik

    NG Phaselis Bay Lifestyle Resort has successfully fulfilled the criteria for the Sustainable Tourism Certificate proving their commitment to sustainability and it’s principles.

    In line with the Sustainable (Green) Tourism Program commissioned by the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, NG Phaselis Bay, has successfully completed the audit conducted by the authorized certification body Bureau Veritas on November 7-8, 2022. NG Phaselis Bay supports the waste separation project by separating paper, glass and plastic products within the hotel. They adhere to environmentally friendly policies, implementing these and similar projects within the scope of encouraging and maintaining sustainable principles. Believing that every individual and business should take responsibility for protecting our common future, NG Phaselis Bay continues to be ahead of the curve in its investments toward sustainable tourism.