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An Ancient Tale of Phaselis in the Gülsüm Hanım Fountain

  • Cesme Detail

    According to legend, the people of Phaselis sought help from the goddess Artemis, who ruled the rivers, to end a drought in the region. Thereupon, Artemis directed the salty waters of the Aegean Sea, transforming them into fresh water for her rivers, and providing the people of Phaselis with rich water resources.  When Hadrian, the Roman emperor of the time, visited Phaselis, he had an aqueduct erected for these fertile waters, bringing life to the city, trees and fields.


    This tale of Phaselis, representing the abundance of nature and the source of life, comes alive in the beautiful Gülsüm Hanım Fountain. The Fountain’s design was inspired by the protective powers of angels, as well as the majesty of the horse, considered an emblem of Artemis in Greek mythology, and the fish, designating the rapid change with the flow of life. The Gülsüm Hanım Fountain – a symbol of the ever-flowing fertile waters of Phaselis – is in the Hotel and considered a special part of  NG Phaselis Bay. In unique harmony with the Hotel’s interior design, the Fountain brings a special peace with its rhythmic flow.