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See, Feel, Love Awards 2022 Found Their Winners

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    Valued business partners of NG Phaselis Bay, were rewarded at the second annual SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards. The SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards hosted 270 of the most successful sub-agents in the CIS markets at this year’s 2022 award ceremony.

    The SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards award ceremony, highly anticipated by the CIS market since last year, took place, once again with a magnificent ceremony on October twenty-seventh through the thirtieth of this year. In this great organization, where business partners that add value to NG Phaselis Bay are hosted in the best way, the first three agencies that are successful in seven markets were awarded.

    Proudly hosting international business partners from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Belarus, NG Phaselis Bay provided its guests with many unforgettable moments. Business partners were treated to NG’s signature luxury experience as it was the best way to thanks it’s nearly three hundred sub-agents for contributing to its summer “Lifestyle Resort” concept.

    A special certificate was presented to all participants at the cocktail reception held on October 28. Then, attendees were treated to an exclusive concert by famous pop-artist Jah Khalib on award’s night. The sophisticated awards ceremony was without a doubt the highlight of everyone’s week.