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The Olive Tree – The Historical King of the NG Phaselis Bay Garden

  • Agac Detail

    Homer rested under the shade of an olive tree and heard the whisper of an ancient voice in his ear:  

    “I belong to everyone and I belong to no one. I was here before you and I will be here after you.”

    Certainly, the olive appears to be among the most steadfast of trees. Olive trees can live for many years and the ages of most are unknown. Olive trees witness history and the older ones certainly deserve the title of a ‘wise tree’.  

    Set in the garden of NG Phaselis Bay, the King Olive Tree is a historical tree that allegedly dates to the Byzantine Era. It is believed that this tree was planted on the Ödemis Plain between 800-850 AD, during the reign of Mikhail II of Amorion, a Byzantine emperor. This tree has withstood time and humanity, remaining steadfast in the face of both literal and metaphoric storms. A symbol of peace, wisdom and health, as well as victory, reason, and justice, The King Olive Tree in the NG Phaselis Bay garden welcomes guests at the entrance of NG Phaselis Bay, where you can experience the peace and serenity of nature.

    Experience tranquillity in the historical ambiance of the olive tree


    We are so pleased to serve you at NG Phaselis Bay, integrated with nature.  We welcome our guests to relax physically and spiritually amid Hotel’s facilities and the freshness and harmony of lush green nature. The green of the King Olive Tree is yet another shade that delivers tranquillity.  Book your holiday at NG Phaselis Bay and enjoy calm and peace in the historical presence of the King Olive Tree and in our serene ambiance.


    Olive trees are the subject of legends, stories and religious tracts: their presence has been recorded at historical events and the olive tree was a symbol of health, peace and abundance for the Ottomans and Byzantines, as well as the ancient Egyptians and Romans. As history, poetry – and indeed, happiness – the Hotel’s King Olive Tree is witness to the past and now ready to welcome the future.


    It is a gift indeed to spend time in tree-shaded nature. For a change in perspective, visit us here at NG Phaselis Bay and luxuriate in utter peace, tranquillity and serenity.