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NG Phaselis Bay Kemer opens in Göynük

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    The First NG Hotels Resort
    NG Phaselis Bay Kemer opens in Göynük

    NG Phaselis Bay, the first resort hotel in the NG Hotels chain, will begin welcoming guests in April in its Kemer, Antalya location.

    Presenting a distinctive approach within the accommodation sector, the ‘Lifestyle Resort’ facility will serve with the slogan “See, Feel, Love”.

    The NG Hotels chain holds an important role in the tourism sector and NG Phaselis Bay – already attracting attention due to its unique nature and unparalleled location in Göynük/ Kemer – promises guests even more unforgettable memories in line with its “See, Feel, Love” philosophy.

    Featuring a new concept for hotel guests every year, NG Phaselis Bay sets the 2021 summer concept as #slowsummer, aligned with “Feel”.  In accordance with this concept, the Hotel inspires guests to slow down the hectic tempo of everyday life for those special moments: “I wish time could stop”. The Hotel emphasizes that its aim is to encourage guests to enjoy and experience in full each precious moment, especially during this pandemic period in which the days seem to pass so swiftly.

    An unforgettable holiday in a stunning location

    NG Phaselis Bay takes its place among Turkey’s leading privately owned tourism facilities with its special location, private coves, fine sand and green nature. Aspiring to present guests with a privileged holiday, NG Phaselis Bay has signalled that its guest satisfaction standards will be uncompromisingly high, with superior service and quality at the forefront. ..

    Attracting attention with a design that seamlessly blends with the surrounding nature, NG Phaselis Bay hosts guests in a special location as well as a facility with a range of comfort, wellness and entertainment areas. The facility is expected to rank among Turkey’s most prestigious hotels with upscale à la carte restaurants, the chic Aliva SPA, and a bright kids club with experienced instructors, as well as an Aquapark offering unlimited entertainment. 

    Stepping into the tourism sector with a high-level service philosophy, NG Phaselis Bay is now ready to welcome you, our valuable guests, and transform your happiest holiday moments into wonderful memories.