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NG Phaselis Bay embraces nature with its design

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    NG Phaselis Bay, which displays a unique harmony with nature and its location in untouched greenery, embraces nature with its unique design that respects nature. It offers an approach that preserves the balance of nature with its architecture and peaceful atmosphere designed with every detail in mind in order to protect the natural vegetation.

    NG Phaselis Bay, which is indispensable for modern travelers with the slogan "See, Feel, Love", offers privileges that add value to life and nature. Built in harmony with the position of the trees, NG Phaselis Bay bows in respect to nature with its architecture. The trees, which remain in the architecture at some points of the hotel, greet their guests with all their magnificence as representatives of the power of nature. 

    Perfect harmony with the fascinating atmosphere of nature

    NG Phaselis Bay is in perfect harmony with the fascinating atmosphere of nature with its open spaces dominated by pine trees, hidden pools located among the trees and doors opening to landscapes where green meets blue. Embracing nature with its design, NG Phaselis Bay invites its guests to be a part of nature with the slogan “See, Feel, Love”.

    The smell of the sea and the fresh forest air

    You can start every new day with the smell of the sea and the fresh forest air in NG Phaselis Bay, which is the perfect combination of magnificent air, fascinating bays, fine sand and lush forest. You will feel much more special with the privileges that will increase your quality of life without compromising your daily habits such as sports and healthy nutrition that indicate your living standards.