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NG Phaselis Bay Lifestyle Resort Welcomes Summer with a Spectacular Indian Wedding

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    Say "I do" surrounded by the fascinating natural atmosphere of the modern NG Phaselis Bay Lifestyle Resort. Guests had a memorable experience at the Indian wedding hosted by NG Phaselis Bay in the pure beauty of nature.

    Located in one of the most popular destinations in the world, NG Phaselis Bay hosted important names from many countries such as India, Canada, England, Australia and the United Arab Emirates at the wedding which was organized for leading families from India. Love was celebrated in our venue, which was prepared in perfect harmony with Indian culture providing unforgettable moments for guests. NG Phaselis Bay's quality service and hospitality made this special day a unique experience for every attendee. Performers from various countries took the stage during the event, gourmet menus decorated the tables, and Indian traditions were carefully arranged by experienced event planners.

    A perfect Indian wedding lasting four days and four nights was organized by the special detail-oriented team. The distinctive event started with a traditional welcome dinner that featured the delicious flavours of Indian cuisine. The bride and groom had fun with their loved ones during the night when the Indian artist took the stage. The second day saw the traditional Mehndi applied, which was accompanied by Indian rituals. The entertaining Sangeet showed skilled dance choreographies performed by the couple's family and friends. The big wedding day started with the cleansing Haldi ceremony, where the guests were blessed with colourful turmeric paste, and continued with the groom’s Baraat procession. The long entrance lasted about four hours and turned into a visual feast with eye-catching views of NG Phaselis Bay. After the Varmala garland ceremony, the couple's religious wedding ceremony took place under a traditional Mandap, which was decorated in perfect harmony with the beauty of the surrounding nature. After the wedding ceremony, a Sufi Night was celebrated accompanied by the songs of India's beloved artist until the first lights of the morning. NG Phaselis Bay sent off the Indian couple and their loved ones with unforgettable memories.