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NGoldnight Nights Continue to Fascinate

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    NG Phaselis Bay Lifestyle Resort hosts unforgettable events and gathers with valuable business
    partners at NGoldnight nights. After the See Feel Love awards, they greet their top selling agents in
    their own country. NG Phaselis Bay, which held its first event in Moscow with Pegas Select
    Touristik and the second in Almaty with Fun & Sun Premium, kicked off the NGoldnight nights with a resounding success.

    NG Phaselis Bay held its New Year's celebration with a magnificent New Year's Eve party called
    NGoldnight at The Toy, a famous venue of Moscow. One hundred fifty of their best agents arriving
    from twenty-four cities of Russia participated in the evening’s festivities. The audience was amazed
    when NG Phaselis Bay's 2023 summer campaign commercial “Full of Miracles” screened at the
    reception. The event began with colorful stage performances, then later in the night, the famous
    Russian artist MOT took the stage. Well-known names of Russia also appeared at the magnificent
    NGoldnight evening, which attracted great interest from the guests. Natalia Podolskaya, Yana
    Rudkovskaya, Mari Melnikova, and Kristina Purpur, who chose NG Phaselis Bay last summer, were
    among the esteemed guests. A surprise of the night was that NG Hotels Group announced its new hotel projects in Bodrum and Antalya.

    NG Phaselis Bay, continues to host NGoldnight nights meeting with valuable business partners in other cities.