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Advertising Film

  • Reklam Filmi Ng

    NG Phaselis Bay, which is prepared to be indispensable for modern travellers since April 2021, supports this claim with its advertisement film. The film, which takes the viewers on a journey to the privileged world of the hotel, gives curious clues about the unique moments that can be lived in NG Phaselis Bay.

    The commercial video, bearing the slogan "See, Feel, Love" reached 7.2 million views in a short time since it was published on social media. The film received beautiful comments, especially with its music that made time feel almost stopped in NG Phaselis Bay. The commercial film, which consists of colourful images shot in the hotel's private bay and rooms, brings the joy of family vacation to the screen and invites modern travellers to a holiday experience that turns into a special memory.

    Music specially prepared for NG Phaselis Bay is from England

    The sample rooms of the hotel were used in the commercial shooting, which was prepared with a special team of 60 people. A space arrangement was made inside the hotel for the movie's party scene. The beach scenes were shot in the hotel's Beluga Bay, which has a magical natural view. The commercial music, "See, Feel, Love", bearing the same name as the motto of the hotel, was specially composed for NG Phaselis Bay by Jonathan Ross in England.

    1962 model Mercedes SL 190 from Nafi Güral's private collection

    The 1962 model Mercedes SL 190, which is a valuable part of Nafi Güral's classic car collection, was used in the commercial film of NG Phaselis Bay. This special vehicle, which is highly appreciated by the audience, is exhibited in the NG Museum and continues to be the focus of attention of automobile lovers.

    NG Phaselis Bay commercial video: