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NG Phaselis Bay hosts a music-filled entertainment in May!

  • Mayfest 2024

    May, a month of vacation and entertainment, will feature exciting concerts at NG Phaselis Bay. Alexey Chumakov and Sergey Lazarev, well-known names in Russian pop music, will shine on the NG Phaselis Bay stage with spectacular performances reserved exclusively for guests.

    Alexey Chumakov and Sergey Lazarev will take the stage for memorable performances.

    Sergey Lazarev and Alexey Chumakov will take the stage on May 4 and 6, respectively, to offer guests an unforgettable musical experience. Chumakov's distinct style and Lazarev's energetic performances will make for unforgettable nights.

    NG Phaselis Bay: The Meeting Place for Entertainment and Comfort!

    This May, NG Phaselis Bay, one of Antalya's favourite holiday destinations due to its unique nature and high-end accommodations, will provide its guests with a privileged entertainment experience. The hotel's comfortable accommodations will allow guests to relax and enjoy the sun and sea, while in the evenings, they will enjoy music and entertainment with stage performances by famous names such as Alexey Chumakov and Sergey Lazarev.