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NG Phaselis Bay Commercial Full of Miracles

  • Bulten

    NG Phaselis Bay turns miracles into reality with its third commercial this year by taking you on a journey to transcendent nature. Continuing the theme of “See, Feel, Love”, NG Phaselis Bay creates unforgettable experiences in the newest commercial using the #MiraclesComeTrue slogan.

    NG Phaselis Bay, whose previous slogans of Slow Summer and Cool Summer have been based on the “Feel” concept in the past years, moves to make miracles visible with the “SEE” concept in its newest commercial film. NG Phaselis Bay, focuses on the pure beauty of nature showing the sea, forests, and hidden bays, revealing that it brings its guests together for rejuvenation and relaxation using the #MiraclesComeTrue slogan.

    The new advertisement appeals to many potential guests from families with children to young couples. Colourful images and music using the hotel's slogan reinvigorates the "See, Feel, Love" theme and reflects the concept of “Lifestyle Resort” which captivates the audience.