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Planting Event with NG Phaselis Bay

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    NG Phaselis Bay, known for green design that respects nature, continues its support for ecological projects. NG Phaselis Bay employees came together on November 11, for National Afforestation Day the local children at the annual planting event.

    NG Phaselis Bay participated in the planting event organized in Göynük Neighbourhood under the leadership of Kemer Mayor Necati Topaloğlu on November 11, National Afforestation Day. Kemer District Governor Hüseyin Çam, Kemer Forest Management Department employees and students also participated in the event.

    November 11, 2019 saw, 1,300,000 citizens across the country from 81 different provinces bring saplings for planting. Governor Çam and Mayor Topaloğlu planted and watered the saplings with the students and NG Phaselis Bay employees.

    Speaking after the sapling planting event, President Topaloğlu said, "On the occasion of November 11, National Afforestation Day, we planted saplings with our District Governor and students. We gave water to the saplings we planted with our children, who are the guarantor of our future. Hopefully these saplings we planted will grow and become trees. I would also like to thank our Kemer Forest Operations Chief Office employees and NG Phaselis Bay employees who supported us in the event."